Meet our Nurse Practitioners.

All of our  Nurse Practitioners (NP) are Registered Nurses with specialist skills and advanced education qualifications that enable them to provide you with quality health care.  They have completed university studies at a Masters Degree level. Nurse Practitioners undergo extensive clinical training, are endorsed to function autonomously and collaboratively, and work in advanced and extended clinical roles.

You can make an appointment directly with a Nurse Practitioner. There is no need for a doctor's referral.

Yodith Tekabe

Nurse Practitioner, Credentialed Mental Health Nurse

Yodith Tekabe - Nurse Practitioner, Credentialed Mental Health Nurse

Yodith has more than ten years’ experience in mental and physical health nursing using a wide range of therapies. She now specialises in working with adults across a diversity of mental health conditions.  Yodith focuses on supporting and empowering clients to achieve a well-balanced and sustainable recovery.

Yodith’s practice is based on her substantial experience and training. It has taught her that the best chance of sustainable recovery is by gaining a deep understanding of the individual’s situation through comprehensive assessments and applying the most relevant treatment options.  These options are backed up by teaching the individual a range of easy-to-learn techniques and routines such as coping strategies, relaxation techniques, anxiety/stress management and healthy sleep methods.

Yodith provides services for clients referred to under Medicare (gap applies), PTS, NDIS, TAC, DVA and WorkCover.

Yodith Tekabe can be contacted on 0413 626 867

Darren Riggon

Nurse Practitioner, Credentialed Mental Health Nurse

Darren Riggon .jpg

Darren is a Nurse Practitioner, Credentialed Mental Health Nurse, psychotherapist /counsellor and clinical supervisor. He was trained in the UK and is keen to  help individuals work through their challenges, moving from living their lives as passive observers to  being active participants in creating lives that serve their happiness. Darren’s philosophy is “ Your life , your way!” He has extensive experience in youth and adult mental health.


Darren is able to  see individuals for the following issues: Anxiety, depression, addictions and compulsions, stress management, workplace stress, life transitions, self esteem, anger management and  LGBTQI+ issues.


Darren is able to provide services via telehealth only and has after-hours availability. He can be contacted on 0449 935 066

Dr. Suzanne Higgins, PhD

Nurse Practitioner, Credentialed Mental Health Nurse

Dr. Suzanne Higgins, PhD - Nurse Practitioner, Credentiled Mental Health Nurse

Suzanne worked at Raphael Services for 14 years before venturing into private practice in her area of specialty of Perinatal and Infant Mental Health.  She offers counselling for women and men who are experiencing challenges during a pregnancy or in the early months and years after the birth. She can also offer support for families experiencing anxiety or depression, adjustment disorder, parent-infant relationship issues, post trauma responses (around the pregnancy or birth), role overload, poor family of origin issues and bereavement (when the pregnancy doesn’t go according to plan).  


Suzanne has a nursing background including midwifery, maternal and child health and mental health.  She has additional qualifications in Perinatal & Infant Mental Health and studied combining parenting and paid work for her PhD. She works out of rooms in Belmont and The Birth House.


Suzanne can be contacted on 0491 005 804 or