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We work with individuals, couples and families.


All mental health nurses working at Pritchard Health use a biopsychosocial assessment as a starting point. This incorporates the biological, psychological and social domains of health. Following this, treatment and care involving individuals and their support network, is developed to support recovery.

We offer a range of short-term psychological interventions through to longer-term complex care coordination.

This may include anxiety, depression, bi-polar disorder, personality disorders, schizophrenia, substance abuse (including smoking cessation plans), and eating disorders. We also offer unplanned pregnancy counselling.

We can also organise an interpreter if you need one.

Our Services

School Consultations

Private and confidential consultation can be provided within the high school grounds and no Mental Health Treatment Plan is required. Early assessment and diagnosis can minimise the impact of mental illness on the development of young people. Getting young people's lives back on track is part of our expertise. 

Professional and Clinical Supervision

Supervision can be provided for nurses working in advanced or challenging areas, such as those working towards Nurse Practitioner status or nurses seeking support that enables reflective practice and ensures ongoing and sustainable learning.

Professional Counselling

Who cares for the carers? At times, you may need a professional who can provide support and guidance for work-related stress, bullying issues or simply reflecting on your career path. As Nurse Practitioners, we are able to provide this without a public record of accessing a mental health professional.

Educational Packages

Specific programmes can be provided to meet your service requirements. Packages can be designed and facilitated for organisations, schools, rehabilitation services and the general public as requested. We cover a wide variety of issues across the mental health and drug and alcohol spectrum. Please call us to discuss any ideas or requirements you may have.

Other Services

If you are looking for individual or group clinical supervision as a professional or your organisation would like educational packages, we can help.

Please contact us on 0422 466 222 or email admin@pritchardhealth.com.au to discuss what works best for you.