Working internationally

We are extremely proud of the relationship that has developed between Pritchard Health and Stikes Jembrana University in Bali.

It all came about from a LinkedIn request in 2018 from Andika Pristana, one of the university's lecturers. From there, we planned a visit. After learning more about the students and their aspirations, we decided to sponsor an award that would grant a year's education for one of the students. We signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the university and created the Pritchard Health Achievement Award.


In 2019, we also presented a very special award to Andika, which we named the 'Hearts across the world' Global Ambassador Award, as a worthy recognition for all his efforts in fostering such a wonderful and caring partnership between ourselves and our countries. 

We hope that this encourages some of the students to go on to become Mental Health Nurses, Nurse Practitioners or even open their own mental health clinic. With an education behind them and great teachers, who knows what the future holds?


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